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Scholarship 2021

Help you overcome struggles to make your dream come true

Dear students,

We used to be like you. We were very struggling!

We were born in difficult family circumstances. Our parents were toilsome and sacrificed a lot for our study. One more day we were able to continue our study at school, was a trade-off with one day of our parents's health. We had to get a loan from a bank to manage the tuition fee and living expense. We skipped countless meals and were studying with an empty stomach in countless night. We were very exhausted...

But we know our parents tried their best, sacrificed their mosts and never give up to keep things up. We were not worthy to think of giving up. And we tried and tried our best. Just keep going and going regardless of challenges and difficulties.

This is our story and also a message that we want to deliver to you all. We deeply compassionate with your circumstances. We know you might be even in worse circumstances than us. We know you are trying a lot to overcome difficulties. We have a strong belief in your effort and passion to stand up and change the game.

From all the feeling and experience we have when we were in your shoes, we would love to extend to you this small support with all hope and belief that you will win your circumstances then flourish to contribute to our society betterment.

Founders of Willogy


Willogy Scholarship is a program of Willogy Foundation - found and administrated by Willogy. Starting from the inner wishes of Willogy founders, the mission of Willogy Scholarship is to help and support students in difficult circumstances, having good morals, compassion and always nurture their fortitude to overcome challenges and difficulties in order to contribute to society betterment.

Eligible Applicants

Students are currently enrolling at Faculty of Information Technology, Ho Chi Minh City University of Science, Vietnam National University (VNU-HCMUS)

  1. In difficult circumstances (desperately), really need this support to lessen the pressure on their family so as to continue their study
  2. Good study record. The GPA of Math, English, Computer Science, Software Engineering is at least 7.5 on 10-scale (or equivalent)
  3. (Optional) Having activities or contributions to community or society
  4. (Optional) Having good academic or competition achievements


We are planning to grant 5 scholarships for this year program. However, the number of scholarships granted may vary (more or less) according to the reality.

The package of one single scholarship including

  1. 130 USD in financial support
  2. A certificate of Willogy scholarship achievement
  3. An opportunity to be selected to join Willogy internship program and become an official member of Willogy (or other companies in Willogy network that Willogy can make an introduction)
  4. Guidance to apply to continue your study Master, Ph.D (combined) programs in the United States, Europe, Korea, Japan, Australia, Singapore, etc if the student want to pursuit the academic career.
  5. Joining the network of Willogy members and Willogy Scholarship Alumni and Community


Please carefully and fully prepare your applications as follows. The application misses one of the required items is considered invalid for scholarship

  1. Academic Transcript (the latest one to the application date)
  2. (Optional) Proofs of your social activities or academic and competition achievements
  3. A self-writing letter (in pdf file format) introducing and telling about
    1. Yourself and family circumstance
    2. Your current difficulties and struggles affecting your study
    3. Why do you want to apply for Willogy Scholarship and what will you think this scholarship help you
    4. What is your dream and what do you want to do in life
  4. (Optional) A recommendation letter from your teacher or professor
  5. (Optional) A proof letter issued by Government to authenticate your difficult family circumstance


Step 1 Application

Students send their applications to email team@willogy.io with the title format "[Student ID] - [Fullname] - Willogy Scholarship 2021 Application"

Step 2 Screening

Willogy will review the applications to select suitable applications for interviewing (2nd round)

Step 3 Interview

Willogy Scholarship administrators will make phone calls to selected students to do a quick interview in order to make the final list of students who are granted for the scholarships

Step 4 Result Announcement

Willogy will send the final list back to the university as a confirmation and also officially announce the results on https://scholarship.willogy.io

Award Ceremony

The scholarship will be directly extended to the students in an Award Ceremony privately held by Willogy

  1. Scholarship financial support will be extended to students via bank transfer or in cash on the ceremony date
  2. Students will receive the certificate of Willogy scholarship award also on that day
  3. Especially, the Award Ceremony is conducted as a friendly and warm dinner for students to sit around and talk to Willogy founders. This is a valuable time for students to talk about their plan and dream. The founders will share the experience they have to help students find out good directions not only for their career path but also in life.


Please keep yourself updated with the timeline because it might be changed to adapt the reality

Last updated on: December 29th, 2020, 5:46 GMT +00:00

January 1st, 2021

Application Openning

February 1st, 2021

Application Closing

March 1st, 2021

Result Announcement

March 14th, 2021

Award Ceremony


1 Võ Chánh Hưng 19120523 HCMUS Accepted
2 Thái Xuân Đăng 19120003 HCMUS Accepted
3 Võ Đình Khôi 20127045 HCMUS Accepted
4 Nguyễn Minh Thuận 19120388 HCMUS Accepted
5 Đỗ Tấn Tài 1712737 HCMUS Accepted


Should you have any question, please email us at team@willogy.io
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